Slim WP

Keep your site simple and lean! Slim WP helps you to speed up your site by disabling and removing unnecessary WordPress features. Download for free
Remove unnecessary stuff from your page Do you use emoticons or embeds? No? WordPress doesn’t care – the script is loaded on each page! By using Slim WP, you get back control!  
Improve web performance When useless things are loaded, your site slows down. Slim WP increases the speed by disabling useless parts!
Save bandwidth By focusing on important content you reduce data transfer of your visitors and your own. Especially mobile users will be very grateful 

Your page appears to be overloaded and slow?

Send it on a diet with Slim WP!

Optimize your speed by disabling emoticons, embeds for social networks and removing other useless things.

Download the free Plugin

Disable emoticons
Disable embeds
Remove shortlinks
Remove WordPress version number


How can I disable Emoticons in WordPress?

Slim WP allows you to turn off the function of Emoticons. At first, install our plugin and open it. Next, select the appropriate setting using the toggle.

What are Embeds? ” mean?

Embeds help to convert your Youtube videos, Tweets or other URLs in previews and include them in your page. Unfortunatly this also loads a JavaScript file on every single page of your website. With Slim WP you can disable them

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