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[icon-box icon=”frown-o” heading=”Remove unnecessary stuff from your page”]Do you use emoticons or embeds? No? WordPress doesn’t care – the script is loaded on each page! By using Slim WP, you get back control!  [/icon-box]

[icon-box icon=”rocket” heading=”Improve web performance”]When useless things are loaded, your site slows down. Slim WP increases the speed by disabling useless parts![/icon-box]

[icon-box icon=”wifi” heading=”Save bandwidth”]By focusing on important content you reduce data transfer of your visitors and your own. Especially mobile users will be very grateful [/icon-box]


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Your page appears to be overloaded and slow?

Send it on a diet with Slim WP!

Optimize your speed by disabling emoticons, embeds for social networks and removing other useless things.

Download the free Plugin


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[icon-box–horizontal heading=”Disable embeds” icon=”lock”][/icon-box–horizontal]

[icon-box–horizontal heading=”Remove shortlinks” icon=”lock”][/icon-box–horizontal]

[icon-box–horizontal heading=”Remove WordPress version number” icon=”lock”][/icon-box–horizontal]



[faq question=”How can I disable Emoticons in WordPress?”]Slim WP allows you to turn off the function of Emoticons. At first, install our plugin and open it. Next, select the appropriate setting using the toggle.[/faq]

[faq question=”What are Embeds? ” mean?”]

Embeds help to convert your Youtube videos, Tweets or other URLs in previews and include them in your page. Unfortunatly this also loads a JavaScript file on every single page of your website. With Slim WP you can disable them[/faq]