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[icon-box icon=”bolt” heading=”Decrease page speed score”]The loading time of your page is a central part of the user experience. The average visitor has no time and no patience for a website to load too long. Speed is even more important than design![/icon-box]

[icon-box icon=”comments-o” heading=”Increase your conversion rate”]Better loading websites tend to have better engagement. A fast page is a sign of trustworthiness to your users and reduces the bounce rate. [/icon-box]

[icon-box icon=”google” heading=”Improve your ranking”]Site speed is a ranking factor for Google. The signals your visitors are sending – how long they stay on your page or how many sites they visit – are important for SEO. [/icon-box]


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Is your page too slow?

In 2017 users expect a site to load within a second or two.

Google itself even aims for times under half a second!

This plugin helps you to fix render blocking issues caused by your assets (javascript and CSS files).

Improve your site’s performance through faster page loads and better user experience!

Download the free Plugin


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[icon-box–horizontal heading=”Inline small Javascript and CSS files” icon=”wordpress”][/icon-box–horizontal]

[icon-box–horizontal heading=”Load Javascript files asynchronously by using the defer or the async attribute.” icon=”lock”][/icon-box–horizontal]

[icon-box–horizontal heading=”Push javascript files to the footer of your HTML.” icon=”lock”][/icon-box–horizontal]

[icon-box–horizontal heading=”Load your CSS asynchronously using preload and the load CSS Framework by Filament Group” icon=”lock”][/icon-box–horizontal]



[faq question=”Is this plugin free?”]Yes, it is free. Although we are currently working on a premium version that will include additional features. [/faq]

[faq question=”What does “Scripts linked from your header” mean?”]Enqueuing scripts in your header is the standard way when adding Javascript to WordPress. However, scripts enqueued that way are not blocking the rendering.[/faq]