Welcome to my site on WordPress-Performance Optimization

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[plugin image_id=”151″ target=”14″ heading=”Fast WP”]Boost the speed of your site and make it load faster by eliminating render-blocking JavaScript and CSS.[/plugin]

[plugin image_id=”153″ target=”66″ heading=”Smart WP”]Optimize the caching behavior of your Website! Smart WP only reloads pages if something has been changed. [/plugin]

[plugin image_id=”154″ target=”86″ heading=”Slim WP”]Keep your site simple and lean! Slim WP helps you to speed up your site by disabling and removing unnecessary WordPress features.  [/plugin]


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Hello, I am George from Austria and this is Velocious.io – my new Webpage. In the next weeks, I will start sharing some of my own WordPress Plugins for Performance Optimization on WordPress.org’s public repository. Those plugins are currently in use on a number of client sites and on my own projects.

On Velocious.io you will be able to find any documentation for those Plugins and some small guides where I will explain how you can use them.

So stay tuned!